Our Story

Est. 2019


Dandy is a clothing brand designed and made in Los Angeles. Our clothes are made to last using locally sourced deadstock fabrics and hand sewn at a woman-owned factory. Our partners make above living wages. Our designs are low impact, limited editions, and can be worn with confidence, knowing the hands that made them.

We love vintage clothing because it’s great to give old garments new life. Unfortunately, old jackets and pants aren’t all that’s being thrown out. Thousands of bolts of unused fabric are wasted by fashion brands: this fabric is called “deadstock." Dandy takes what others toss to the side and makes thoughtfully structured pieces that are long lasting treasures. All our clothes are made exclusively from repurposed deadstock fabric. 

And since we use one-of-a-kind deadstock fabrics, this also means our fabrics come in small quantities, resulting in unique limited run designs. Now, that's Dandy!

If we hadn't discovered deadstock, Dandy would have never come to life. Upon creating the vision for Dandy, we learned an alarming 20% of the world's water pollution is caused directly by the fashion industry. Not to mention, over 8,000 toxic chemicals are used worldwide to turn raw materials into the clothes that we all wear today. And every year, in America alone, we throw away over 11 million tons of textiles into our country's landfills.

So rather than contributing to the problem, we want to join the eco-friendly shift happening throughout the fashion industry. It takes a village!

Deadstock isn’t all of it. Dandy’s custom fabrics are sustainably dyed using low impact pigments. 

All garments are designed in house and made in Los Angeles, California by fairly paid employees working reasonable hours. 

You can always trust that Dandy is doing its best to minimize resources and will continue to use deadstock in future collections. We aim to be as thoughtful as possible when it comes to our production practices.

We’re eager to learn more from other ethical fashion brands, designers, as well as our thoughtful community. Please reach out and encourage us with ideas if there is something you feel could be more dandy about Dandy! 

Dandy Creator, Michael Newsted

Michael has always loved clothes. Many nights when he was a kid, he would pick out an outfit and sleep in it just so he would be ready to start the next day. Recently, while looking through old family photos, Michael was inspired by the clothes his grandma Terry made for his mom and her siblings. She made their brightly colored clothing all through the sixties and seventies, especially for the holidays. With that inspiration and an already healthy love for vintage fashion and mid-century design, Michael set out to create Dandy.